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Only One Board of Supervisors Meeting Per Month for Next Three Months CDC Guidelines to be Observed

Written by The Bee

June 17, 2020

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KINGMAN, AZ (June 17, 2020) –There will be only one Monday meeting per month by the Board of Supervisors for the next three months. The next meeting is July 6, followed by August 3, and September 8. The latter is on a Tuesday, since Monday, September 7 is the Labor Day Holiday.

County Clerk Ginny Anderson says “the administration building is open to the public, so they certainly can attend, but we want to stress that social distancing and CDC guidelines will need to be followed in the board auditorium.”

For those who don’t feel comfortable coming in person to the meetings, the Call to the Public link online is still available for use and comments on any items can be submitted to the Clerk at [email protected] . They will be forwarded to the board.

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