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December 5, 2018

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KINGMAN–Language is our primary tool for connection in any relationship. There are many types of language. We communicate verbally, non-verbally, by “giving vibes” and even by choosing silence. There is a language of images, emotions, and actions. There are many ways to exchange our messages, both to give and receive them. This means there are many opportunities to connect with one another whether it be through shared views, or curiosity about differences. There are also plenty of opportunities to disconnect with one another and create separation through misunderstandings, misperceptions, and through unwillingness to accept the valid reality of another person’s perspective or experience. As we put our attention on our own language we have the power to resolve our disconnection and bring more ease into our life experience.

ReLANGUAGE, an exhibit of works by ArtHUB Resident Artists, asks the big questions about how we choose our language. Like any tool, our language must also be checked to ensure it is functioning as we intend it to. Like any tool, there are times when we need to fix or adjust the moving components to ensure we can achieve our desired outcome. In the case of our communication this can include the words we choose, the tones we speak in, and our intention which drives our voice. How often are we considering whether we intend our words to serve or harm, to judge and shame or find compassion, to blame or take ownership, to acknowledge or neglect? re our words nourishing or damaging and do we have the boldness to take ownership of our role the relationships that we are actively creating in our lives?  These are some of the big questions asked in ReLANGUAGE.

ReLANGUAGE is exhibit of works by ArtHUB’s autumn Artists in Residence.  Each artist examines and re-articulates language through their own lens. Alexandra Rice translates letters into beauty through embroidered thread. Shannon Llewellyn introduces uncommon words of profound and felt meaning. Robin Farrin enlists the voice of the community as she dissects our community’s interpretations of the common word respect in her project, ARTiculating Respect. Kristina Martino questions context, perception, and intention through her highly detailed drawings and sampled dialogue. And ArtHUB Director Anna Fox Ryan introduces a visual narrative of colorful abstract paintings, inviting each viewer to consider what is communicated without words as she asks “In response to the image, how do you feel?”.
The exhibit runs for one week beginning Friday December 7 – 14 at the ArtHUB Studio and Gallery at 402 E Beale Street in downtown Kingman. Visitors are welcome. Business hours are Tuesday – Saturday 11am-6pm, and schools and organizations are invited to make appointments for field trips by emailing kingmanarthub@gmail.com.
An opening reception will be held on Friday Dec 7th from 5-8pm. On Saturday Dec 8th from 2-4pm the gallery will host a reading by the artists and an interactive Respect Circle moderated by Robin Farrin and Anna Fox Ryan to continue a group dialogue around the subject of Respect.
“We hope that the city, especially our children, will come out to explore this topic of language and communication with us.” says Director Anna Fox Ryan “I’m proud of the work our artists have created this season. This is the role of our artists; not to give answers, but to be courageous enough to ask questions and be curious. There is always room to learn something new, to be curious.”
Written by Anna Fox Ryan

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