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June 4, 2020

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KINGMAN, Ariz. – The City of Kingman, in its ongoing efforts to provide a safe and well-maintained environment, addresses the erection and display of political signs in the Zoning Ordinance. The following information is provided as an introduction to political sign regulations and to help people avoid placing political signs in prohibited areas.

Political signs are allowed to be placed on private property and in the public right-of-way, with the exception for Sign Free Zones in the public right-of-way (map attached). For detailed regulations related to political signs on private property, please refer to the Kingman Zoning Ordinance. For regulations related to political signs in the right-of-way along streets, please refer to Arizona Revised Statute §16-1019.

Political signs placed in the City of Kingman’s public rights-of-way, where allowed, cannot exceed an area of sixteen square feet, if the sign is located in an area zoned for residential use, or a maximum of thirty-two square feet if the sign is located in any other area. Such signs shall not exceed three feet above grade regardless of location.

Political signs placed in the City of Kingman’s public rights-of-way may be placed sixty days prior to the election and all political signs in the right-of-way must be removed within fifteen days after the election to which they refer.  Any sign located in the right-of-way must contain the name, telephone number or website address of the candidate or campaign committee contact person.

Signs cannot be erected on public utility poles, public buildings, or parks and trees therein. They also must not be placed in any manner that will cause a traffic hazard or unsafe conditions for motorists and pedestrians.

The maximum size for political signs is fifty square feet on private property, except in non-commercial zoning districts where the maximum size is six square feet. On private property, if the height of the sign exceeds three feet in height, then the sign may not be placed in the sight visibility triangles at the driveway or intersection. The sight visibility triangle is twenty-five feet by twenty-five feet at driveways and at street intersections.

The person or entity who erects the signs is responsible for compliance with the city and state regulations, on-going maintenance, and removal of the campaign signs. If the City of Kingman finds a sign violation, they will contact the responsible party and allow twenty-four hours to obtain compliance. If the violation is deemed a safety hazard, the sign may be immediately removed, and the responsible party would then be contacted.

Additional information may be obtained at the Department of Community Development, Kingman City Hall, 310 North 4th Street, (928) 753-8130 or at the following website: https://www.cityofkingman.gov/government/departments-a-h/fire-department/community-development

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