Proposed Valle Vista-Hackberry-Truxton Boundary Change & Fire District 

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August 31, 2021

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Proposed Valle VistaHackberryTruxton Boundary Change & Fire District 

Valle Vista The proponents of the proposed boundary change and fire district formation are providing the following information to clarify this matter. There has been much discussion at both the Mohave County Board of Supervisors and the Northern Arizona Fire District (NAFD) Board of Directors meetings last week, and we would like to thank our elected officials for their approval in moving forward to the next phase of this process

Public hearings have been set for the following dates and times to allow public input in this matter

  • NAFD Boundary Change 9/16/21 6:00 PM 2600 E. Northern Ave. Kingman 
  • Mohave County District Formation 9/20/21 930 AM 700 W. Beale St. Kingman 

To bring everyone up to speed on the history of this project, the public needs to be aware that the proponents have been working to withdraw the former Valle Vista and Truxton Fire Districts since July 2018. At that time, the NAFD Board and their attorney publicly stated that the 2007 and 2008 consolidation of the fire districts was done illegally. Proponent Barry Van Stockum and others then requested that the NAFD Board return the district to the community of Valle Vista as so many services had been cut and fire stations closed

As the districts were not returned at that time, additional community members became involved and requested assistance in how to actually have these districts returned. Conversations were initiated with Mohave County and the fire district with specific direction on how to proceed. All of these requests and conversations are public record and are being uploaded to our website for public review. The meeting minutes of the NAFD Board are available at their website. The proponents have followed the specific directions provided by both the County Attorney and the Fire District Attorney

During this process, the NAFD Board has made it clear that they have no intent of restoring service to our communities. With three closed fire stations in Valle Vista, Valentine and Truxton, residents and visitors alike are at risk of injury and death due to nonexistent or reduced services. The proponents are interested in the public safety of our communities and have done their due diligence in working to restore these services

The NAFD and City of Kingman recently completed a Feasibility Study in reference to the services provided. This study, by an outside consultant, clearly shows that the existing fire district has reduced its services with three closed fire stations and has no intention of resuming these services. The consultant recommends that the closed fire stations and unused equipment be deemed surplus and sold. This becomes problematic as these buildings and vehicles were purchased with tax dollars specifically to protect the communities in question

An issue of contention with the proponents has been that property owners have been paying property tax to NAFD with no or reduced services. The ramifications of this are obvious, and in addition to the proponents, a grassroots effort by taxpayers has supported the change in boundaries. It should be clear that the intent of the proponents is to promote public safety, public health, comfort, convenience, necessity or welfare. There are no ulterior motives, we are simply trying to improve the quality of life for our residents, property owners and visitors

The NAFD Board at several public meetings has made it clear if we want to leave, they will allow it. Our residents have been accused of drawing funds from other areas of the fire district to get the services we are receiving

The primary proponents for our movement are Barry Van Stockum and Ray Ricciardi, both former businesspeople with a background in public and government administration. Our impact statement lists our organizing board which includes Nancy Moschcau, local realtor and current NAFD Directors who reside in Valle Vista. We enjoy the support of several area businesses and have been assured by members of the Property Owners Association that they support our efforts to improve our services. Our impact statement is clear and available for public review as discussed in a mailing each property owner will receive. Our organizing board will not raise the fire tax levy rate and is interested in lowering that levy rate. The organizing board has discussed and has a tentative plan to he three closed fire stations through the use of volunteer firefighters while retaining the current staffing of two fulltime personnel on duty at the Concho Drive fire station

A town hall meeting on September 8, 2021, at 6PM at the Valle Vista clubhouse will be held for property owners of the proposed boundary change in order to update you on the progress of our efforts. The public hearings are scheduled for September 16th and 20th with two separate meetings to be held. Each meeting addresses the specifics of either the boundary change or fire district formation which are out of necessity being conducted simultaneously. For additional information, please visit our website at

For additional information, please contactCruce Joan Stevie 

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