Public Service Announcement / Counterfeit Drug Awareness

Published by The Bee News

August 24, 2022

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With the increase of arrests for counterfeit prescription medication and Fentanyl pills in the community, the Lake Havasu City Police Department would like to educate the public on a new trend that is likely to reach our community. Law enforcement agencies across the United States have routinely investigated drug crimes involving small counterfeit pills that are blue with an imprint of M-30. These pills are often laced with Fentanyl and are extremely dangerous if they are ingested. The Lake Havasu City Police Department was recently made aware that the counterfeit pills are now being produced in various colors,
including orange, pink, and green, with the same imprint, M-30. The pills can look similar to candy.
Counterfeit medication use among teens and young adults has increased in Lake Havasu City as a result of the perceived appeal of social acceptance and availability. In reality, users of these illegal drugs are subject to addiction, and just one use can potentially lead to death
The United States Drug Enforcement Administration reports that counterfeit pills are easy to purchase, have become widely available through the use of social media, and are made to have the same look and appearance as prescription opioids and stimulants.
If you would like more information about counterfeit pills or any other illegal drugs, please visit the DE A’s website at https / www.dea.qov. For additional resources on the dangers of fentanyl and how parents can influence their children from using illegal drugs, please visit Talk Now AZ’s website at https:/ Public Information Officer: Sergeant Tyler Tribolet (928) 855-1171

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