Ramada and Canyon 66 Closes It Doors

Written by The Bee

March 28, 2018

KINGMAN–A prominent fixture in Kingman has closed its doors for good.

Ramada Kingman and Canyon 66 were under the management of California-based real estate developer’s Joel and Noble Zubaid.

The brother’s, along with Noble Zubaid’s wife, Sarwat, purchased the Ramada Kingman in 2014 for a little under a million and renovations reportedly began immediately to give the hotel a new look. Shortly after though, renovations were halted after contractors reportedly weren’t being paid. Documents show multiple loans were taken out for the renovations, which were said to include a helicopter pad.

The property went into foreclosure in 2016 and additional loans were reportedly taken out once again in an attempt to prevent the closure of the property. However, after the Zubaid’s filed bankruptcy in February the doors to the Ramada Kingman were closed for good.

A front desk manager for the hotel voiced his upset after the closure.

“The hotel and restaurant were making good money,” he said. “But they couldn’t pay our checks on time.”

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  1. Casey Hastings

    If you guys want more information on the property and the reasoning thenowners gave for closing contact me I was the hotel supervisor.

    • The Bee

      Send us an email at [email protected]. We’ll be glad to do an interview.

    • David Kinney

      PLease reach out to me as I represent a group of investors that are interested in acquiring that property. They may be able to help the Owners in some way

      DAvid Kinney

  2. Jovian C

    I worked there a little over a year I left in September and in that year my check was last at least 30 times . Vary crappy job I’m glad I left when I did .

  3. ZK

    I am his brothers sister, they both Joel Zubaid and Nobel Zubaid took my property also, located on Reedway St., Loma Linda, and took 80000 dollars cash and looted me. All with fraudulent activity.

  4. ZK

    I am his father’s sister, they took my property located at Reed way, Loma Linda, and 80000 dollars also both Joel Zubaid and Nobel Zubaid took all that with a fradualant activity, not only me but they victimized so many people in California.

  5. Terry

    This is exactly what I foretold would occur in 2013. I was contracted to coordinate the renovations, complete the build out of the restaurant, acquire a suitable franchise, and correct the overall operations of the hotel. The restaurant and hotel were a total mess upon my arrival. The brothers clearly had zero hospitality management experience. It became very obvious, early into this process, that this was a fraudulent scam. Employees were not paid correctly, overtime was not paid, all cash deposits were spirited away in Noble’s pocket. It was a revolving door of shady characters. I was not paid correctly, and denied my agreed upon completion bonus. Both brothers are nothing short of con’s! I filed complaints with the IRS and Homeland Security for their apparent money laundering scheme. I personally informed the Mayor to be very careful in any City of Kingman dealing with these clowns. I have been told that they are both under investigation for bank fraud also.


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