Rolling Glory 3 Arizona Honoring the 13 Heroes who Valiantly gave their Lives

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March 7, 2022

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There are few things more beautiful to see than Old Glory waving majestically in the wind, all of her proud bold colors flying free over a Nation that loves, lives, and at times gives “ALL” for her and all she stands for. It’s quite a sight to see thousands of bikers rolling behind an American Flag across the country united in one thought: “Let Freedom Ring”… to the sound of rolling thunder! We are proud to announce the coming of “Rolling Glory 3” on March 20th and 21st, 2022 to the Grand Canyon State Arizona! THIRTEEN American Flags along with one Betsy Ross will be waving in the wind in honor of the 13 heroes who valiantly gave their lives during a suicide attack at Kabul, Afghanistan on August 26, 2021.

All are invited to participate in this important and worthy relay. The Rolling Glory Run is an American event, no one claims ownership, but everyone leaves a little piece of themselves with it. Each state has a liaison in communication with the next state’s liaison to coordinate the “Passing of the Colors” as it is moved across their own state to the next. Liaison for Arizona is Bruce, (928) -716-3740 Follow on Facebook at Rolling Glory 3. Please contact Bruce to see how you may get involved.

Starting in California the flags will be making their way across America, state by state, American by American, on the back of a motorcycle, and flanked and followed by countless other patriots until it arrives in Washington D.C. The flags will arrive at the Arizona state line in Ehrenberg on Sunday March 20th continuing on to Kingman and onto Gallup, New Mexico the next day.

Rolling Glory 3 – Arizona Relay Information – Sunday March 20th:
Hand Off from California at Flying J Truck Stop, Ehrenberg, AZ. Appx. 2 pm.
KSU 3 PM: Travel from Ehrenberg to The Kingman Visitors Center 120 West Andy Devine Avenue Kingman, Az – ETA 6 pm.
This will be the layover for the evening.

Monday March 21st:
Check In- Veterans Memorial Park, 310 W Beale St, Kingman, AZ 8:00 am – KSU 9:30 am
Interstate 40 “The Purple Heart Trail” to Gallup, New Mexico
Hand Off from Arizona to New Mexico at Veterans Park Vets helping Vets Center 908 East Buena Vista Avenue
Gallup, NM 87301 ETA 6pm

Rolling Glory 1 and 2 united the East and West Coast cities of New York and San Bernardino following the terrorist attacks. Thousands of American patriots from several states across the US joined the journey on motorcycles of every kind, and on September 10th, 2016, Old Glory entered Manhattan in front of hundreds of bikers. She was first flown at the 911 Memorial and then raised at 10 House FDNY station. After spending time flying above many fire stations in the area, she found her permanent home of honor within the safety and security of Rescue 5.

The final destination will be Washington D.C. in honor of our 13 heroes of Kabul, and every American who courageously stood in harm’s way and gave their all to defend our Nation, Freedom, and way of life. This isn’t a protest, uprising, or insurrection of any kind… It is simply Americans honoring Americans, by “Uniting” a Nation, rather than dividing it. Letting the country know that we can have different opinions, different backgrounds, beliefs, desires, and dreams; yet in spite of those differences… We are ALL still Americans, living in One Nation under God, with Liberty and Justice for All.

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