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Written by The Bee

July 10, 2020

Meeting of the Minds at Rickety Cricket in Kingman

Discussion of the current state of restaurants in Kingman, Arizona

Owners from: 

  • Diana’s Wine Cellar
  • Floyds
  • Sundowner Saloon
  • Federicos
  • The Healthy Bar
  • Cracker Barrel
  • Stetson Winery
  • Calicos
  • Tack Shed
  • Jim Hinckley’s America
  • Dript Candles Kitchen
  • Metro By T-Mobile

Local Dignitaries

  • Travis Lingenfelter – Vice Mayor, CIty of Kingman
  • Regina Cobb – State Representative
  • Gary Kellogg – Economic Development, City of Kingman
  • Sylvia Shaffer – Planning, Economic Dev.
  • Becky Fawson – President- Kingman Chamber of Commerce
  • Jim Hinckley- Author & Historian
  • Steve LeSueur -EDAC Commissioner


  • Outside Seating areas for community restaurant spaces
  • Touchless Menus using QR codes
  • Indoor seating with social distancing being followed
  • City has approved 250K allocated to local COVID-19 Recovery
  • Advertising & marketing, Parkets (50% grant match)
  • Legislative request: Sales Tax Forgiveness – Creating a % that is forgiven
  • Legislative request: Alcohol being able to transported between businesses such as Nevada – Open liquor (Regina Cobb)
  • Domestic Traveller marketing budget increased
  • “Support new employees, increase revenues, capital investments” , Travis Lingenfelter
  • Sylvia from the City- Parklet/Pedlets program – Approved on July 7th, 50/50 matching funds for parkets. Up to 5K per business. Local architect included in the project design.
  • Helping with other businesses not downtown for capital investments in outdoor dining.
  • Facade Improvement – 10% from business 90% from City up to 10K – Includes Architect
  • Need more formal clarity: Series 6 Liquor License holders ~ Stay open if you have a kitchen with a menu and food.

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