SCAM ALERT! Don’t open emails like this.

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March 4, 2019

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No not this blog post, but emails that appear to be coming from yourself.  This is a new scam that we’ve confirmed with Bullhead Police Dept. and Lake Havasu Police Dept.  They advise to not open any email that appear to be coming from yourself, then immediately change your password.  Password tip, make it a hardened password. What’s a hardened password? It’s the use of Upper and lower case, numbers, and at least 2 symbols like ! or *.    We like to start with a symbol, end with a symbol. Here’s an example, and heck no, we don’t use this ourselves. !TheB33News!9*

Now you know!  Stay safe and BEE careful as always with any of your personal data on websites, in an email, or on social media.

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  1. There’s another, similar, scam to this one making the rounds. This time, it’s by telephone. Two-three days ago, my landline was being bombarded by calls which, according to the caller ID, were from, believe this or not, from ME. I chose to ignore them until the 20th or so call, which, out of curiosity, I finally answered. A recording, purporting to be from someone named Alice, started out in the same manner as the email scam did. I hung up after the first sentence, uttered a few choice profanities, and went back to what I was doing. Beware, folks, there are some REALLY devious people out there, who would like very much to drain your Royal Treasuries. Don’t fall for their, um, “smooth talk”. If the offers smell like the material that Bandini Mountain is made of, avoid them like the plague.

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