Scam Alert – Kingman

Published by The Bee News

March 8, 2020

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The Kingman Police Department is investigating a scam that resulted in a Kingman couple being scammed out of hundreds of thousands of dollars.

In this scam the suspect arrived at the victim’s home, dressed in business attire, pretending to be from the US Department of Treasury. Over the course of several days and several transactions the couple provided several hundred thousand dollars to the scammer.

Kingman Police Department detectives are investigating. The suspect information is limited. Please be cautious of anyone on the phone, internet or in person who solicits money and/or banking information. Anything that seems suspicious or appears out of order probably is and should be immediately reported to KPD. Please be aware of elderly loved ones or neighbors. They are especially vulnerable to being victimized. If anyone has any information that may help in identifying this or other persons involved in fraud or scams is urged to contact KPD by calling (928) 753-2191.

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