Scam Alert to Small Businesses

Published by The Bee News

April 8, 2019

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The Kingman Police Department has taken  several reports over the last few months where it is reported that the “scammer” calls a business and portrays being the owner or district manager of the business.  The “scammer” will attempt to convince the employee to gather all of the cash from the store and obtain gift or money cards.    The information on the cards is then given to the “scammer” who then redeems the cash at another location.  Several employees, predominantly younger and naïve, have almost followed through when their employment is threatened.  As in almost every scam the “scammer” uses fear to obtain cooperation.  Many of the employees have been working alone.  It is hoped that businesses owners and managers will provide training to their employees.  In any scam, once money is transferred there is no chance of getting it back.  Most, if not all of these scams originate from out of the United States.

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