“SGN” Some Good News ~ Created by John Krasinski

In a time that the news can make you sometimes cringe, cry, and or even get angry, this was a breath of fresh air.  To be able to smile, laugh and shed happy tears was something that many of us didn’t think would happen for a while. John Kraninski, actor and laugh practitioner decided that it was time to change that amid this chaos.  He’s launched his only home-grown news station “SGN”, Some Good News.  Their first episode will make you smile, laugh and shed happy tears.  Special guest appearance by none other than Michael Scott aka Steve Carell.

Check it out!

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1 Comment

  1. Susan Staples

    Loved every minute! Thanks!
    Brilliant idea. I’m 78 and limited to FaceTiming my family but still feeling positive that I will see them all again.


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