Showing Thanks and Gratitude to all members of our Armed Forces

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August 23, 2021

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An amazing event took place on Saturday, August 21st at the Kingman Farmers Market at Thunder-Rode in downtown Kingman Arizona, beautifully arranged and organized once again by Kingman Farmers Market at Thunder-Rode, Market Manager, Sheri Shaw.
Aside from the amazing farmers market itself that takes place on the Thunder-Rode property every Saturday between 8 AM and 12 noon, Saturday brought a wide array of wonderfully creative vendors who brought their goods and their wares to offer to the public, local gardeners offered up freshly picked produce, gourmet mushrooms, herbs, etc. Additionally, our fabulous, wide and varied selection of locally/organically grown fruits, vegetables and produce, were offered to the public at below supermarket prices.
Who showed up at this event upon invite by Thunder-Rode and the Kingman Farmers Market at Thunder-Rode was very impressive. It had been decided that Saturday would be a grand day to show thanks, honor and respect to our brave men and women who actively serve or have served in Afghanistan over the past 20 years to present and to allay any concerns or feelings that these folks would not be treated with the respect they are due coming home from the many tours of duty that were served in Afghanistan.
Representatives of all branches of the service were present and accounted for. The Young Marines presented colors, prayers were given for our troops by CJ with Cycle Disciples. Terry Flanagan, representing the Marine contingent had glowing words of praise, as did Rick, also with Cycle Disciples and several other notable gentlemen who spoke.
The team, at Thunder-Rode and the Kingman Farmers Market at Thunder-Rode, will always and forever show thanks and gratitude to all members of our Armed Forces.

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