Social Media Posts Lead To Possible Horse Abuse Investigation

Published by The Bee News

August 17, 2018

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MOHAVE VALLEY–Authorities are reportedly investigating the alleged mistreatment of several horses at a home in the 3200 block of Charlotte Road in Mohave Valley.

On Wednesday, multiple messages were sent to The Bee regarding an alleged case of animal abuse at a home in Mohave Valley. The messages were accompanied by photos depicting around three horses in bad shape, no shading and reportedly without food and water.

An attempt to reach the homeowner and owners of the horses for comment were unsuccessful.

On Friday, spokeswoman Anita Mortensen for the Mohave County Sheriff’s Office said in an email, officers with the Animal Control division went to the property Friday afternoon, however, with it now being an active investigation, their agency could not divulge anything further.

Stacey Rees, owner of River Diamond Ranch in Mohave Valley, was reportedly attempting to work with the owners of the horses to take them to her ranch, but have since stopped communicating with Rees.

“This is a nightmare,” she said. “We are fully available to take all seven horses.”

The identity of the owner has not been released publicly by the sheriff’s office despite the names being posted on a local social media crime page.

No additional details were immediately available. Stay with The Bee on this developing story.

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  1. The owners name is Jessica Edwards. She is a thrift and a junkie. She is hiding like a little girl trying to evade any responsibility. If you see her, tie her up in the middle of the desert with no food and water.

  2. Those concerned about the outcome of these horses should get together to support Stacey in taking them rather than having them go to “auction” or to slaughter that often happens at a State facility because this county will not pay for their care once the case is adjudicated. The owner should have a “Seizure Hearing” after the Prosecutor charges them. At that time, make a case to the judge to have them released to Stacey rather than be sent to a “facility” where they will be scattered to the wind or killed. It is crucial that you keep up with the judicial process and whereabouts of these horses before it is too late. Time is of the essence and you may have to file something immediately in court to appear at the hearing.

  3. Stacey is an incredible person of skill and compassion and knows her way around horses. She worked with my filly who had been rough-shod by some very bad people and I kept her there where she worked with her. She is now being trained to be a horse again and will end up a beautiful horse. At the same time, she immediately answered the call to help rescue horses from the California fires last year with her son and made several laborious trips back and forth within to pick them up and haul them back to the safety and excellent care at her ranch. The court needs to step up and allow her to take these horses. Maybe it will right some of the wrongs that were caused by the wrong-doing of the County and Prosecutor’s Office in my case.

  4. This is a shame I hope the owners get charged to the fullest extent. Jessica and Josh shame on you both you can go buy your pills but can’t buy food for these horses I drive by daily to check on them they are so skinny no water no shade no food hey fyi let’s put you guys out in this brutal heat with nothing I hope you never get these horses back hopefully never be allowed to own animals

  5. Does anyone have an 24 he emergency number they are loading the horses to leave pls I’ve called everywhere

  6. How can we help? Who do we need to call? These horses need tomgot to that ranch asap!

  7. Have theses two sick, disgusting garbage piles (Josh/Jessica) been arrested yet? They are unfit to roam free in society, any follow up would be appreciated!

  8. I’ve heard they got caught going over state lines with the horses and the state took the horses does anyone know if this is true we could only hope

    • Which state, Nevada, who are so much better equipped to care for them and have the agencies and groups who will come out in droves to help. They would have ended up going to auction or slaughtered if they didn’t get their money out of them even though we had someone excellent here who could have taken them. And the Livestock Officer can only respond to one emergency at a time. The county needs to implement a viable plan for these type of situations. Thanks to all who had so much concerened and stepped up to help.

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