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May 25, 2021

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Dust storms are an accepted part of desert life. They are even the stuff of legend and the staple of countless movies about desert adventures. And dust storms figure prominently in tales of lost treasure. As an example consider the legend of the lost ship in the desert.

The story dates to about 1870 when explorer Albert S. Evans was traveling to San Bernardino through what is now the Imperial Valley and area of the Salton Sea. As with all good legends there is a grain of truth. According to Don Laylander, a senior archaeologist, in 1540, Hernando de Alarcón sailed up the western coast of Mexico, traversed the head of the Gulf of California, and then navigated the lower Colorado River. Various sources claim his ship became marooned in an inland sea and was abandoned.

In most any place beside the Colorado River Valley and western Arizona, winds exceeding forty miles per hour would be cause for concern. Here we call it spring. Desert dust storms may be an accepted hazard of spring. They also make for great stories about the desert. But they are not to be taken lightly.

Dust and sands in your home are more than an inconvenience and source of frustration. They are also a health hazard. Desert dust storms transport an array of particulate material, pollutants, potential allergens, and molds and as well as fungus.

Spring rains provide a brief respite. They dampen the dust and transform the desert with a garish display of wild flowers. But regardless of wet or dry spring, try as we might, desert winds  mean a home invasion of dust, dirt and pollen. And that makes an ideal excuse for some serious spring cleaning.

What better way is there to deep clean the home than with COIT, the most trusted and most experienced cleaning and restoration specialists. Disinfecting and sanitizing is their specialty. But so is protecting your hard wood floors, your tile, your grout and even your upholstered furniture.

You want your home to be a healthy environment for your family. And with the winds of spring blowing, spring cleaning begins with the air ducts. This ensures the removal of dust, dirt, mold, spores, microbes, and other particulates in your HVAC system as well as air ducts.

With COIT you are assured of certified, background-checked service technicians that are thoroughly trained to meet the strict standards of the National Air Duct Cleaning Association (NADCA)*. As COIT’s work is guaranteed, they use HEPA-AireTM vacuum and Aire-SweepTM compressor systems. This equipment transfers particulates into a contained filtration system. Use of regular vacuum or brushing out the ducts will simply spread throughout your home or office.

The first step for indoor air quality during the spring or throughout the year is a call to the professionals at COIT. They have more than 70 years of professional cleaning experience. Attesting to their professionalism and quality service are satisfied clients in the Colorado River Valley and throughout the United States.








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