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February 25, 2021

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Dust, like heat during the months of summer, is simply lived with in the desert southwest. It is an inconvenience. The winds, construction, agriculture, and people driving on dirt roads stirs the dry desert soil. Still, for folks who call the Colorado River Valley home, dust bests dealing with snow, ice, and subzero temperatures. But lurking in that swirling desert soil is a potential health hazard.

Valley fever is a fungal infection caused by coccidioides (kok-sid-e-OY-deze) organisms. These fungi are commonly found in the soil of specific regions such as the desert southwest. Generally these fungi cause no problems, even when breathed into the lungs. However, Valley fever can cause signs and symptoms including a fever, cough and tiredness. Mild cases of are usually resolved without medical attention or medication.  In more-severe cases, doctors treat the infection with antifungal medications.

If you don’t become ill or have symptoms from a valley fever infection you may be surprised to find out you’ve been infected later. As an example, during a routine chest x-ray small areas of residual infection in the lungs can appear like an early sign of cancer.

There is little that we can do to limit dust exposure outside of the home or office. Dust is not the only thing to settle in your ducts. There are also household bacteria’s, dust mites, pet dander, pollen, lint and a variety of other contaminates, even a meticulously cleaned home or office. So, when was the last time you had the ducts cleaned?

The first step in a thorough spring cleaning is to place a phone call to the cleaning professionals at COIT Cleaning and Restoration in Bullhead City, Arizona. COIT is a specialist in duct cleaning. They also an array of services that ensure you breathe easier in your home or office.

Drapery cleaning is COIT Mohave County’s signature service as the company pioneered the process. With the removal of dust, smoke residue, pollen, odors and soil your draperies will be restored to a  new appearance. The company also offers free take down and reinstallation, repairs and alterations, custom window treatments, and the cleaning of blinds.

Carpet cleaning is also a specialty. COIT guarantees that their carpet cleaning is superior by offering a 100% satisfaction guarantee. Hardwood, tile or stone floors? No problem. COIT doesn’t just clean a wood floor. They have specialized equipment to extract ground in dirt from the word as well as seams. The final step will be the application of a shining top coat that preserves and protects the finish.

Spring comes early to the desert southwest. This spring do more than clean what you see. This spring clean what you don’t see, and breathe easy. Call COIT today and schedule an appointment.

Written by Jim Hinckley of Jim Hinckley’s America 



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