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Stage I Burn Ban

Written by The Bee News

June 22, 2021

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Bullhead Fire District / Stage I Burn Ban

Bullhead City, AZ (June 22, 2021) – The Mohave County Risk and Emergency Management Department issued a Determination of Fire Emergency for all four Fire Zones in Mohave County on May 6, 2021, recommending the Stage I  Burn Ban prohibitions. This Determination was issued following consultation with the fire departments in the County and the Bureau of Land management.

Due to the extreme fire danger, dry conditions, and persistent wildfire activity around our state, firefighting resources are sparse and extremely taxed. As a result, restrictions are increasing in some areas statewide, elevating into Stage II Burn Bans.

The Bullhead Fire District implemented a Stage I Burn Ban on May 18, 2021, which is still in effect. With the exemptions listed below, the prohibitions apply to all open fires, campfires, and permissible consumer fireworks. As a reminder, no burn permits are allowed in the Bullhead Fire District, and the burning of weeds is strictly prohibited.

The Bullhead Fire District strongly encourages residents to be alert to the fire danger, respect the prohibitions, and take all precautions to avoid accidentally igniting a vegetation fire. Aside from open fire and fireworks ignitions, many fires are ignited along roadways due to improper disposal of smoking materials. These fires are 100% preventable.

The following fires are exempt from the Outdoor Fire prohibition.

  1.   Fires fueled by propane or charcoal.

Questions can be directed to Fire Marshal Barbie Skeen-Barrett at 928-758-3971.

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