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Written by The Bee

May 19, 2020

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Monday (5/18) afternoon, the Mohave County Sheriff’s Office Search and Rescue received a call from a party who had been four-wheeling to the Gold King Mansion off the Moss Mine Wash in their UTV. They had come across a party of eight (32-year-old male, 26-year-old female, two 10-year-old kids, one 7-year-old kid, two 5-year-old kids, and one 4-year-old kid) that had been stranded since sometime on Sunday (5/17) and spent the night in their vehicle. They had water, but were given snacks from the four-wheelers. As the four-wheelers traveled down the wash, they were able to put in a call for help once they had cell service. Search and rescue was activated and a four-wheel team went in and brought them back to the Command Post. Search and Rescue wants to remind everyone to know the limitations or capabilities of your vehicle, pack plenty of supplies and to not travel alone. Great job by everyone involved!

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