Supervisors Vote to Retain Their Districts Intact

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March 8, 2022

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MOHAVE COUNTY, AZ (March 8, 2022) – The redistricting process for Mohave County began last year. Following the latest census, the board of supervisors needed to divide the county into five supervisorial districts, making that division equal or with not more than 10% difference in population.  Consultants worked with the county to come up with various possibilities. This had to be voted on by the supervisors by July 1, 2022.  The Board completed its task at the Monday, March 7, 2022 meeting.

Elections Department Director Allen Tempert addressed the board and made a brief presentation during the meeting by showing four possible maps. The 2020 Mohave County population is 213,267.  The ideal population per each of the 5 districts is therefore 42,653. After some discussion, the board chose the first map presented, which left the district boundaries exactly as it currently is. The population variance among the 5 districts is 9.2%. which falls within the acceptable statutory allowance.

Like the majority of the board, Tempert was pleased with the decision, saying “Keeping the BOS districts as they currently are, will allow the voters of Mohave County the opportunity for continued representation by the same Supervisor, as well as, it will allow voters to continue to be in the same district as other voters that currently share that same interest.”

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