Swift Water Rescue – Bullhead City

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March 16, 2023

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On Wednesday, March 15, 2023, at approximately 4:15 pm, our crews were dispatched to the area of 600 S. Hwy 95 for a possible swift water rescue in the wash near I Hop. E721’s crew arrived on the scene with Battalion Chief Campbell. Assuming command Bat7 instructed E721’s crew to clear a path for L721 to respond, also requesting additional swift water gear to the scene by E751’s crew.

Crews reported the Victim was approx. 50′ from the shoreline in a wash with fast-moving water from the active rainstorm. Additionally, he was approximately another 50′ upstream from the highway bridge drainage tunnels on a small patch of dirt holding on to a small bush.

Additional units arrived on the scene, which included M731 and 705. M731’s crew was given swift water gear and throw bags, and bat7 instructed them to go downstream for the duration of the incident.

E751’s crew arrived on the scene with L721 and executed the operational plan to extend the aerial ladder over the male subject with Capt. Gordon and Capt. Labriola. Both rescuers quickly moved onto the ladder with rope bags, an extra swift water helmet, and a life vest that was secured to a life safety rope and then lowered to the male subject. The male subject was instructed to place the life vest on and securely fastened it to himself. The rescue crew then lowered the roof ladder down to his level to solid ground and secured it to the aerial ladder; once all was securely fastened, the subject was advised to climb the ladder up to the aerial ladder as he was secured to the aerial ladder with a life safety rope. He was then able to climb the ladder safely and was assisted back to L-721 via the aerial ladder. No injuries occurred during the incident.

The male subject and all personnel were removed from the hazard with no injuries. M731’s crew then transported the male subject to WARMC for evaluation.

BAT7 terminated command, and all units cleared.


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