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TestNow- by Embry Health serves first covid vaccine in vaccination blitz

Written by The Bee

January 17, 2021

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BULLHEAD CITY, Ariz. – TestNOW by Embry Health administered its first covid-19 vaccine January 16 at their Mohave Community College testing location. TestNOWproviders administered 300 Moderna vaccines in under five hoursto those prioritized by the Arizona Department of Health Services. Mohave County is currently in Phase 1B of their vaccine rollout. Site Manager Tina Bird was elated to see the turnout. “This is so great to see the community excited for vaccines.”

The Moderna vaccine is administered in two doses, 4 weeks apart. Mohave County had been given 500 vaccines to distribute that week; 300 of those vaccines were distributed by TestNOW in one day. “This is such an important step for the people of Arizona,” said CEO Raymond Embry. “Now the largest network of drive-through covid testing sites in the state will be distributing the highly anticipated covid-19 vaccine. With the help of TestNOW, vaccine distribution is on its way through Arizona.”

TestNOW continuesto provide daily testing at the college. Embry says they are working with government and healthcare organizationsto procure more vaccines. TestNOW by Embry Health operatesthe largest Covid-19 testing network in the state of Arizona.

In March 2020, CEO Raymond Embry saw the toll Covid-19 was taking on his community so he pivoted resources from Embry Women’s Health clinic in Mesa and to begin offering no-cost PCRcovid testing to the public. Today with over 1000 employees at over 50 drive-through sites spread throughout 9 of Arizona’s 15 counties, TestNOW continues to provide no-cost PCR Covid-19 testing and vaccinations to the public, regardless of their access to medical insurance.

Find out more about TestNOW, including the variety of testing services, testing locations and job opportunities, by visiting or by calling (480) 376-2170.


For more information about Mohave County’s response to Covid-19: https://covid-19-

For more information about the Moderna vaccine:

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1 Comment

  1. Shirley Stombaugh

    I am happy that vaccines were given at Community College but sure would have loved to have know about it for my husband to be able to obtain a shot. He is 80 with COPD and it has been nothing but pure frustration trying to get his on a list anywhere in Bullhead City. By the time a list is posted, upon calling the list has already been filled up. I really feel Bullhead needs to better inform our vulnerable senior citizens. Thank you.


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