The BUZZ in your Community and Mudshark Brewery Collaborate on The Buzz Honey Lager, Infused with Local Arizona Orange Blossom Honey

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February 22, 2023

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(Lake Havasu City, AZ) – The BUZZ in Your Community and Mudshark Brewery are thrilled to announce their latest collaboration – The Buzz Honey Lager. This crisp and refreshing beer is brewed with locally sourced orange blossom honey, giving it a unique and delicious flavor that is true to the heart of Arizona.

The Buzz Honey Lager is the result of the shared passion of two local businesses who are dedicated to supporting the community and highlighting the best of what Arizona has to offer. The BUZZ in your Community, a local online news & marketing agency, is committed to sharing news and stories that matter to the people of Arizona, while Mudshark Brewery is dedicated to creating exceptional craft beers that showcase the flavors and ingredients of the region.

The Buzz Honey Lager is a perfect representation of this shared commitment. Brewed with orange blossom honey from Arizona’s own beekeepers, this beer is both sweet and refreshing, with a distinctively smooth finish. Its golden color and light body make it a perfect choice for any occasion, whether you’re enjoying a day on the lake or relaxing with friends.

“We are thrilled to partner with Mudshark Brewery to bring The Buzz Honey Lager to the people of Arizona,” said Steve LeSueur, editor of The BUZZ in your Community. “This beer is a celebration of the best of what our state has to offer – from the hardworking beekeepers who produce the honey to the talented brewers who have brought this beer to life.”

The Buzz Honey Lager is available for a limited time at Mudshark Brewery’s taproom in Lake Havasu City and will be available soon at select stores, bars and restaurants throughout Arizona. Be sure to try it while you can – this beer is sure to create a buzz!

For more information about The Buzz Honey Lager, visit or

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