The Replacement Motor Has Arrived at Well Complete Restoration Expected Early in Week

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May 14, 2021

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Great News for

Golden Valley Residents Lacking Water

The Replacement Motor Has Arrived at Well

Complete Restoration Expected Early in Week

GOLDEN VALLEY, AZ (May 14, 2021) – Good news for many Golden Valley, Arizona residents, who have been without water. The replacement motor arrived early this afternoon at the well in Golden Valley.  Installation of the submersible motor should be completed by early next week with everything back to normal.

It’s a complicated process, which includes 1,200 feet of pipe installed with motor and pump. There is also 1,100 feet electric cable.  A five man crew is working on the project..  There are two rigs for the pipe and cable present as well.

The Sheriff’s Search and Rescue Volunteers, assisted by multiple county departments, visited the 500 homes affected by the failure of the well and distributed flyers, which emphasized the importance of boiling the water and addressing their concerns.

The Golden Valley Improvement District water system’s booster station was shut down on Sunday due to the failure of its supply well. This led to a loss of pressure in a portion of the distribution system. The initial problem is the well failed.  Water started to be lost in the storage tank.  Emergency interconnect was implemented.  The water in the tank got below 10 feet and the booster pumps had to be shut off so as not to damage the pumps.  The motor must be replaced.

Meanwhile, to keep the system running, the County hired a company with two 6,000 gallon water trucks, a 2,300 gallon truck, and a 3,100 gallon truck. They have been hauling water on a continuing basis to the site.

The county has bottled water available for pickup by the residents affected at the Golden Valley Fire Training Center at 623 South Colorado Road in Golden Valley daily from 7am-7pm. It is available on a limited basis.

Golden Valley residents who are affected by this problem, will be informed when there is no longer a need to boil the water. Another press release will be forthcoming. For more information, please contact the Golden Valley Improvement District at (928)757-0914.

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