Tik Tok Social Media Challenge Continues to Plague Bullhead City Schools

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September 24, 2021

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Tik Tok Social Media Challenge Continues to Plague Bullhead City Schools

As many parents know, the ongoing challenge of the Tik Tok social media continues to plague the Bullhead City School District, along with other schools across the country.  Vandalism and theft have moved well beyond the harmless prank stage.

Bullhead City Middle School has advised parents that some restrooms are temporarily closed due to ongoing repairs.  There are restrooms available at all times, but students need hall passes to use them.

We are very conscious of the health regulations regarding restrooms and, as much as possible, have them outfitted to discourage vandalism.  On a case by case basis we have to weigh the safety of keeping a damaged restroom open against the inconvenience of having it closed long enough for repairs to take place.

We had hoped that the heavy consequences handed down to multiple students for damage they have caused would send a strong message to all.  However, a small number of students are continuing the bad behavior.

Education and safety are our highest priorities.  The Tik Tok challenge is another opportunity for parents and other adults to have conversations with their children about social media responsibility. That responsibility also includes parents knowing what their children are reading and posting on social media.

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