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April 2, 2020

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Medical Community Applauds “Stay Home, Stay Healthy, Stay Connected”

This week, Governor Doug Ducey issued an order for Arizonans to “Stay home, Stay healthy, and Stay connected.”

The Governor’s order promotes increased physical distancing, while encouraging social connectedness among citizens.

Hear what those in the medical community are saying:

The Health System Alliance of Arizona: “We thank Governor Doug Ducey and Dr. Cara Christ for protecting health care workers and patients as we manage the COVID-19 response effort in the state. Hospitals are on the front lines of caring for patients and have emergency plans in place to prepare for a surge in patient care. By issuing the ‘Stay Home, Stay Healthy, Stay Connected’ order, we can help slow down the spread of COVID-19 and prevent a situation where our health care systems are overwhelmed with patients. We are committed to doing our part to ensure our health care facilities continue to provide excellent care for Arizona families. We look forward to continuing to work with Governor Ducey and state leaders to get more personal protective equipment and testing kits to Arizona.” (LINK)

Arizona Medical Association: “Arizona physicians appreciate the significance of what this decision means for the safety, security, and economic vitality of the state. This order gives Arizona’s health care system the strongest possible chance to mitigate the spread of this virus and address the impact. ArMA continues to support the work of Governor Doug Ducey and ADHS Director Dr. Cara Christ on needs related to the state’s COVID-19 response.” (LINK)

Arizona Nurses Association: “Representing registered nurses leading the fight against COVID-19, the Arizona Nurses Association is grateful to Gov. Ducey for taking formal action to require that non-essential workers stay home and mitigate the spread of this virus. This public health crisis threatens to place unprecedented strain on Arizona hospitals and health care professionals. The most effective thing individuals can do to limit their risk and reduce the outbreak is to stay at home and follow all state and federal guidelines for social distancing. The Arizona Nurses Association will continue its advocacy with state, local and federal officials to ensure our members have the resources necessary – including personal protective equipment – to care for patients as safely and effectively as possible.” (LINK)

Arizona Council Of Human Service Providers: “The “Stay Home, Stay Healthy, Stay Connected” order that was enacted by Governor Ducey yesterday highlights the need for us to practice physical distancing, while maintaining social connections. Social connections are critical to the work we do in mental health and child welfare. We are happy to see Governor Ducey continue to emphasize mental well-being for all Arizonans. We are further reassured by the efforts made by state agencies such as ADHS – led by Dr. Cara Christ, AHCCCS – led by Jami Snyder, and DCS – led by Mike Faust. The leadership and communication from these organizations has been collaborative and compassionate. We look forward to working with the Governor, and his team, as we continue to look for ways to be safe, healthy and connected.” (LINK)

Arizona Academy Of Family Physicians: “Thanks Gov. Doug Ducey for helping us stay safe with your #stayhome #stayhealthy, #stayconnected executive order!” (LINK)

PRIMER: Supporting Arizonans In Need

Businesses, families and organizations throughout the state have been adversely impacted by COVID-19 — and many Arizonans are asking what they can do to help. Arizonans can make charitable donations to support those in need during this unprecedented time, while earning dollar-for-dollar state tax credits.

Due to the COVID-19 outbreak, the deadline for filing and paying State and Federal income tax has been extended from April 15th, 2020 until July 15th, 2020. However, the deadline for Arizonans to make charitable contributions and qualify for state income tax credit remains April 15th.

Arizona provides two separate tax credits for those who make contributions to charitable organizations:

Additionally, other credits for which taxpayers remain eligible through April 15th are:

The maximum allowable credit to Qualifying Charitable Organizations is $800 for married filers and $400 for single filers, married filing separately and heads of household filers. For Qualifying Foster Care Charitable Organizations, the maximum allowable is $1,000 for married filers and $500 for single filers.


  • Donations must be made by individuals;

  • Donations must be made in cash;

  • And donations must be made to Qualifiable Charitable Organizations or Qualifying Foster Care Charitable Organizations that have been certified by the state of Arizona.


  • Donate to a certified charitable organization;

  • Maintain a receipt of your donation to later provide with your tax return;

  • When the time comes to file, complete the appropriate tax form to claim credit for your donation;

  • And subtract the eligible amount of your contributions to qualifying charities from your tax liability on your Arizona Form 140.

Last week, Governor Ducey launched the Arizona Together initiative to support Arizonans during the COVID-19 outbreak, connecting individuals and businesses to resources and providing information on volunteer opportunities.

More information can be found at the Arizona Department of Revenue website.

New Order Allows Certain Prescription Refills Without Having To See A Doctor

Order Avoids Trips To The Doctor For Elderly And Vulnerable Patients, While Freeing Up Physician

PHOENIX⁠ — Many elderly and at-risk Arizonans are coming up on a dilemma: schedule a potentially risky appointment with a doctor to refill a prescription or go without needed medication.

An Executive Order issued by Governor Doug Ducey today provides a solution by allowing pharmacists to dispense emergency refills of maintenance medications for a 90-day supply and an additional 90-day supply if needed. Under the order, Arizonans would be able to receive a refill on their medication for up to 180 days, while avoiding the trip to the doctor.

“We want to make sure our seniors and vulnerable populations are staying safe and physically distancing to the greatest extent possible, while having access to needed medications,” said Governor Ducey. “This commonsense order will also help free up physicians to focus on providing critical medical services at this time.”

The Executive Order takes effect today, April 2. Under the order, the Board of Pharmacy will:

Allow pharmacists to dispense emergency refills of maintenance medications for a 90-day supply and an additional 90-day supply if needed;

Waive certain electronic prescribing requirements;

Extend the requirement for a prescriber to deliver a follow-up paper prescription to the pharmacy from seven days to 15 days;

Allow a phone-in prescription to be sent to the pharmacy via fax, scan, or photo as long as the original, hard copy prescription is kept by the prescriber;

Waive certain hospital prescribing labeling restrictions for multidose medications;

Allow pharmacists to interchange therapeutically equivalent medications of the same FDA drug classification unless the prescriber has noted that the medication shall be dispensed as written;

Waive the requirement for companies producing hand sanitizer to be permitted;

And allow an Arizona pharmacy to receive pharmaceuticals from an unpermitted wholesaler, third-party logistics provider, or manufacturer located in another state or country to alleviate pharmaceutical shortages.

The Executive Order also outlines new requirements when filling hydroxychloroquine and chloroquine; including limiting the prescription to a 14-day supply, requiring that a prescription must be presented with a diagnosis code for COVID-19 from the prescriber, and more.

Last week, Governor Ducey issued an Executive Order requiring health care insurance companies to expand telemedicine coverage for all services that would normally be covered for an in-person visit. This action helps ensure that Arizonans who may be sick or under quarantine can access care from their homes and avoid potentially risky trips to a health care provider.

View the Executive Order HERE.

View information on COVID-19, resources and volunteer opportunities at

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