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October 28, 2018

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By Aaron Ricca/THE BEE

KINGMAN – A Kingman gem is slowly being polished. 

A small but dedicated group of Colorado River Area Trail Alliance volunteers hiked in and out of about three miles of volcanic rock, cactus and scenery for ‘Save Our Trails’ Volunteer Day Saturday. 

The crew spent the day cutting a new path to connect 30 to 50-mile web of others linking the maze of hiking, biking and equestrian paths at Cerbat Foothills Recreation Area.

Repairing and rerouting the trails are part of an effort to accommodate the 2018 Rattler Race, which was canceled Oct. 10 due to heavy rains earlier in the month.  

The race is rescheduled for Nov. 17 while members of the Colorado River Area Trail Alliance work with the City of Kingman and Bureau of Land Management to repair parts of Monolith Gardens, Camp Beale Loop and other trails.

“This is blazing a new trail,” said CRATA member Denise Myers. 

The volunteers set a goal of clearing a new three-tenths of a mile path, which doesn’t sound like much, but in between moving rocks and transplanting cactus, takes more effort than it sounds. 

Volunteer Mindy Lewin moved to Kingman from Wisconsin one week ago to take a job as an occupational therapist. An avid mountain biker, she stopped at a local bike shop, met the crowd and jumped at the opportunity to get involved with making biking better. 

She rides the road, but never helped build it – until now. 

“This is my first time building trails,” Lewin said. “I can’t wait to get out and ride.”

A pleasant low-80s temperature and almost no breeze made Saturday a perfect day for exploring the desert, the trails and the volcanic monoliths that punctuate the easily hikeable terrain. 

For more information on CRATA, efforts to rebuild trails and the 2018 Rattler Race, go to the Colorado River Area Trail Alliance Facebook page.   


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