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July 17, 2022

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On Saturday (7/16), the Mohave County Sheriff’s Office Search and Rescue conducted an ASARCA SAR 2 class on low-angle technical rope rescues at Mineral Park Mine in coordination with Origin Mining Company. Technical rope rescues involve a series of raising and lowering systems that can be tailored for specific rescue situations. Training focused on patient packaging, litter carrying techniques and low-angle rescues. Patient packaging focused on multiple techniques used to secure injured persons into the stokes basket for transport to safety, while taking their injuries into consideration. Searchers demonstrated proper stokes basket handling techniques by either direct carry or using a big wheel through various terrains, while overcoming obstacles encountered during transport. Low-angle rescue training was also conducted using the stokes basket with both raising and lowering systems. This technical rope training is part of a continuing education and skills development program used for technical rope rescues to maintain proficiency of these perishable skills. Since every rescue situation has its own uniqueness, it is important for our teams to maintain proficiency in all aspects of these technical rescues.



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