Update and transfer tips from MCC2ASU student Jennifer Jaimes

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March 30, 2021

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Update and transfer tips from MCC2ASU student Jennifer Jaimes

LAKE HAVASU CITY – Jennifer Jaimes is an ASU transfer student from Mohave Community College.  Jennifer is currently on her second semester at one of ASU’s extended campuses in Lake Havasu, where she’s had a really good experience.  Her family inspired her to pursue higher education.

“My family and their endless support inspired me to pursue higher education. My parents and sisters have always instilled in me the true importance and value of attaining an education,” said Jaimes, the MCC Hodel Most Outstanding Student for the class of 2020.

Jennifer started her college journey at Mohave Community College, “I decided to attend community college because it was not financially attainable for me to attend a four-year university.  Attending a community college allowed me to pursue my career goals without having to take out loans or grants so early on in my career.”

During her time at Mohave Community College, she took advantage of the many student life opportunities offered.

“Throughout my time that I was a student at MCC, I served as the President for the Student Activities Council, and as a Public Relations officer for Phi Theta Kappa Honor Society. During these leadership roles, I was able to organize and host events for both the college and the community, which allowed me to create new relationships and connections.”

While at MCC, Jennifer participated in the MyPath2ASU™ program.

“The ASU pathway program allowed me to create a college pathway that was loan/debt free with the help of scholarships from College Success Arizona and the All-Arizona academic team.”

The reason Jennifer decided to attend ASU@Lake Havasu is because of the new program they started offering as she was looking for a 4-year-university.

“In May of 2020 they announced that they had created a new program at Lake Havasu for elementary teachers, so really it was just perfect timing.”

Now at ASU@Lake Havasu, Jennifer is majoring in Elementary Education.

“I choose to pursue an elementary education degree because for many students, teachers provide a safe space for them to grow, learn, and to express themselves. It amazes me that in the future, I will be teaching the next generation of leaders that believe in themselves and their potential to change the world for the better.”

Her advice to new transfer students is, “To embrace their post-secondary journey.  Do not feel ashamed or less proud of being a transfer student. I promise you, being a transfer student will be a life changing and remarkable experience.”

After her expected graduation in Spring 2023, she plans to continue her educational journey.

“After graduating from ASU, I hope to further my education by applying for a master’s degree at Arizona State University.”

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