Vehicle Fire Ignites Brush Fire At Davis Camp

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June 24, 2018

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BULLHEAD CITY—Beach goers north of Davis Camp had to be evacuated after a vehicle caught fire and spread to surrounding brush. 

Bullhead City Fire Chief Craig Stephenson said a Toyota 4×4 pickup truck was traveling down a road and had to immediately yield to an ice cream truck. 

“The road was only big enough for one of them and the truck went off the road into the sand and became stuck,” said Stephenson. “We believe at that time it was his catalytic converter or hot exhaust that caught fire underneath the vehicle.”

Stephenson said the owner was trying to get himself unstuck and was not aware of the fire that had started. 

The vehicle fire quickly ignited surrounding brush and began to spread quickly up the north end of Davis Camp. 

People in the vicinity of the fire were evacuated and boat officers worked to keep people on the water away from the active fire. 

Fueled by gusting winds, the fire spread farther north of the camp and away from a highly populated area near the Laughlin Bridge. 

The fire has burned much of the northern peninsula, said Stephenson. 

Multiple agencies are assisting in this fire at this time. 

Reports also indicate a helicopter and spotter plane are assisting in the air, reporting on hot spots to fire personnel on the ground. 

Stephenson said the fire was stopped at the inlet of the northern peninsula before it forged farther upward. 

The fire and hotspots will continue to be monitored throughout the night and into the next couple days. 

This is a developing story. Stay with The Bee. 

Photo by JEFF ARGANDA/The Bee

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