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Video Visitation Operational at Mohave County Adult Detention Facility

Written by The Bee News

December 23, 2020

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The Mohave County Adult Detention Facility has started utilizing video visitation, starting Monday December 21st, just in time for the Christmas holiday. All on-site video visitations were halted on April 1st because of COVID-19 concerns. The public lobby has remained open 24/7 to allow contact with staff at the bond window and to allow access to the lobby kiosk to facilitate bond and other transactions, however no on-site video visitation was permitted.

“Earlier this year, we renewed the inmate telephone contract which introduced a new video visitation system that allows for remote video visitation capabilities. The pandemic coupled with fiber optic and switch circuity issues had caused this project to stall out until November, when things started falling into place,” said Captain Don Bischoff.

The visitation lobby still remains closed due to some construction remodeling, so no on-site visitation is allowable until at least mid-January. Friends and family can schedule a video visit by creating an account with ICSolutions on their website, or they can call for support and instructions at (888) 646-9437. Remote visits are currently 30 minutes in length for .25 cents a minute or $7.50 per visit. Once the lobby visitation is fully operational, on-site video visits can be scheduled at no cost. Bischoff explained the reason for the soft roll out was so jail staff and technicians could more easily work
through the technical issues and make adjustments as needed. Shortly after the New Year, defense attorneys will be able to schedule privileged (private and non-recorded) video visits with their clients as well.

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