Warming Fires

Written by The Bee

January 2, 2020

Our recent winter storms are sprouting a new carpet of weeds, which brings an increased risk of fire to our community. We want to remind residents that burning trash, yard trimmings, and weeds are not permitted, and open burning fires are illegal within the city limits. However, warming and cooking fires are allowed. They must be 15’ from all structures, trees, awnings, power lines, property lines, and in an approved fire pit container. In addition, warming and cooking fires need to have constant supervision. Flames should not be excessive, and the wind shall be under ten mph. A garden hose should be connected to a nearby water supply and readily available for use if needed.  

Open burning permits for properties greater than 5 acres and special events are available for a fee and require approval from the Fire Marshal. Burn permit applications can be found on our website at www.bullheadfire.org. For additional information, contact our Community Risk Reduction Division at 928-758-3971.

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