Watercraft Safety Reminders

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June 15, 2021

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Watercraft Safety Reminders

The Bullhead City Police Department is urging the public to pay attention while on the waterways. We want everyone to enjoy their time on the Colorado River, but do so SAFELY! The police waterways unit and beach patrol officers are continually seeing these dangerous violations, which are common causes of accidents on the river:

SWIM AREAS: There are designated swim areas, roped off with floating buoys, at Community Park and Davis Camp. NO watercraft, including jet skis, are allowed in this area. Violators of the “controlled use swim area” law will be cited, which is a $250 fine. There are numerous signs posted in this area stating no watercrafts are allowed. If you would like to beach your personal watercraft, set up your beach day camp in an area somewhere else.

NO-WAKE ZONE: Please pay attention to signage. SLOW DOWN! Think of a no-wake zone as if you’re going through a school zone, moving at idle speed. A common violation of this is near the Harrah’s Laughlin Casino.

SKI WITH FLAG/ OBSERVER: If you are going to tow a tuber from a personal watercraft, it has to be on a three-person seater. There must be enough room for the operator, the observer, and the tuber to ride if necessary. An observer is someone sitting on the back of the jet ski watching to make sure the tuber is safe. That observer is also required to have a flag. The flag is raised if the tuber is in the water to alert other watercrafts.

PROXIMITY LAW: Watercrafts must remain 60 feet from each other. Our boating officers often see personal watercrafts play and splash each other and do not realize how easy it is to collide.

In an effort to help make our waterways safe, all rental consumers are mandated to watch a safety video before they operate a personal watercraft on the Colorado River. This safety video can be viewed by anyone on You Tubehttps://youtu.be/P8P-LZKPIVM. We wish you all a happy and safe summer!

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