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January 4, 2022

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January is a time to evaluate our lives and set personal and family goals and resolutions.  January also is the time to do a health check for companies to evaluate how their business is doing.  When all you think about is working “in” the business without giving a thought to working “on” the business, it is time for a Business Health Check.  A comprehensive evaluation of crucial elements of your business from a 3rd party will help you look at your business differently.  You don’t need to pay a consultant a lot of money when you have free resources in the city, county, and state.

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A Business Health Check should never be a survey you fill out and return to someone.  The best way to get a good health checkup is for a third party to come in with fresh eyes and find out about your company with you and if your company is large enough, include different departments.   You will need to be willing to share sensitive information, be honest and be willing to make changes.

Some things to think about prior to working with a third party is:

  1. What is and do all employees follow the mission and vision of your company?
  2. What is the culture like for your company? Does the culture support long term employee retention?
  3. Does your company have the structures, organization, and processes in place to grow? What are your business drivers?  What are your competitive advantages over your competition?
  4. Are you proficient with your operation processes and logistic? If you are a manufacturing company, do you need training on lean manufacturing?
  5. Do you have the right suppliers with back up suppliers in place? Are you getting the best price for the products you purchase?  What does supply and demand look like for your company?
  6. What does your sales process look like? Do you have the right marketing processes in place?
  7. What is your human capital look like? Is your company able to recruit and retain employees’ long term?  Do you have a succession plan in place for your employees?  Do you cross-train your employees? Do you offer benefits including insurance? Do you have a health and wellness program in place?  Do you have protocols for COVID-19?  Are employees able to work from home?  If not, do you have ways for employees to work at least 6 feet apart?
  8. How is your company doing financially? Do you have at least three months of working capital reserve to maintain your company in a down economy?  Do you have the right people in place to make sure you are following legal laws and requirements?
  9. Do you have a lawyer on retention? What are some of the legal issues you have had in the past?
  10. Are you looking to expand your company? Do you need help with new product identification and production?  Are you looking at new markets?  Are you able to export your products or services?
  11. Does your business have processes in place to deal with external factors beyond your control?

A Health Checkup should be completely at least yearly.  Don’t allow lack of understanding or pride to hold your company back.  Resources and tools are available to help you and your company.   Starting this month, the Business Retention and Expansion program will begin.  We will be starting with manufacturing and transportation companies and moving to the next categories as time allows.  When your company is contacted, I encourage you to set an appointment and work with our team.  As stated above, the evaluations are free, and resources will be offered to assist you will your needs.

While receiving your Health Checkup, please let the consultant know of any suppliers and vendors you use on a weekly or daily basis.  The company might be a candidate for our office to recruit and get them to locate within the county.  It will not only bring in new businesses; it will provide new workforce and capital investments into the county as well as additional taxes.  The taxes can be used to improve needed infrastructure in the county.

If your company is at the point of expanding, our office can help you through the process as well.  We have the resources in place to assist and your company may qualify for incentives through the Arizona Commerce Authority. Please contact my office if we can help your company.  We are excited and willing to work for you.

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