Wishes Granted for Local Teachers 

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November 22, 2020

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Wishes Granted for Local Teachers

Fiesta Bowl Charities Wishes for Teachers program grants classroom wishes to teachers across the state of Arizona. The Fiesta Bowl organization saw that many teachers spent their own money to enhance their classroom experience and developed a program to aid teachers in that effort. As a way to support, celebrate and honor Arizona educators, teachers are invited to fill out an online application detailing their school and classroom wish. Wishes are selected by a random drawing to receive a grant. All wish recipients become part of the Fiesta Bowl family and can participate in community events throughout the year.

To learn more about the 200 teachers whose wishes are granted please visit the website and watch the video!

Our community’s teacher’s wishes granted by Fiesta Bowl Awards:

Chad Fulton
School: Desert Star Academy | Grade: 6th – 8th | Location: Fort Mohave
Chad’s wish is to have in ground volleyball poles to promote physical activity.
Carolynn Johnson
School: Desert Star Academy | Grade: Technology | Location: Fort Mohave
Carolynn’s wish is to add additional equipment to their technology lab
Lucinda Price
School: Young Scholar’s Academy | Grade: Science | Location: Fort Mohave
Lucinda’s wish is to purchase new science equipment for their classroom.
Aga Cook
School: Camp Mohave Elementary School | Grade: 5th | Location: Fort Mohave
Aga’s wish is to purchase STEM kits for their extracurricular activities program.
Laci Ortiz

School: Mohave Accelerated Learning Center | Grade: 6th | Location: Bullhead City
Laci’s wish is to provide flexible seating for their students.
Stephanie Eastman
School: Mohave High School | Grade: 9th-12th | Location: Bullhead City
Stephanie’s wish is to purchase the Gizmos technology program for their students.
Jennifer Erbland
School: Mohave Accelerated Learning Center | Grade: K – 12th | Location: Bullhead City
Jennifer’s wish is to purchase the Drums Alive percussion curriculum as well as exercise balls for their class.
Caylie Robertson
School: Fox Creek Junior High School | Grade: K – 5th | Location: Bullhead City
Caylie’s wish is to provide iPads for the entire class.
Diane Jessen
School: Bullhead City Middle School | Grade: K – 5th | Location: Bullhead City
Diane’s wish is provide their students with Chromebooks.
Kyle Gallas

School: Sunrise Elementary School | Grade: K – 4th  | Location: Bullhead City
Kyle’s wish is to provide their students with a rock climbing wall.
Jillian Martin
School: Fox Creek Junior High School | Grade: 7th – 8th | Location: Bullhead City
Jillian’s wish is to provide their students with assistive technology and sensory items.
Erika VanWyhe
School: Mohave Accelerated Elementary School | Grade: 4th – 5th | Location: Bullhead City
Erika’s wish is to provide flexible seating options for their students.
Andee Butler
School: Mohave Accelerated Learning Center | Grade: K – 5th | Location: Bullhead City
Andee’s wish is to provide their students with additional science equipment.
Michele Leyendecker
School: Mohave High School | Grade: K – 5th | Location: Bullhead City
Michele’s wish is to provide their students with additional science equipment.

Lindsey Abbott
School: Desert Valley Elementary School | Grade: 1st | Location: Bullhead City
Lindsey’s wish is to provide additional education supplies to their classroom so that each student may have individual supplies.

“Congratulations to all the recipients!  Our community appreciates the Fiesta Bowl’s willingness to grant your wishes.  Their generosity will ripple out and touch many children’s lives.”  Lorrie Duggins, Bullhead City Police Department’s Community Services Officer.  Thank you to Christian Lopez, Walter Cronkite School of Journalism and Mass CommunicationArizona State University who shared the information on this year’s winners. 

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