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WL Nugent Cancer Center Debuts Innovative Prostate Cancer Treatment

Written by The Bee News

September 2, 2020

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KRMC WL Nugent Cancer Center debuts innovative prostate cancer treatment

Kingman, Arizona, September 2, 2020 – The WL Nugent Cancer Center has begun using stereotactic body radiotherapy (SBRT) to treat certain prostate cancer cases. This comes under the initiative of Dr. Michael Payne, radiation oncologist. Dr. Payne is continuously working to bring ever-advancing radiation therapies to Mohave County. With SBRT, high-dose radiation is delivered to cancer cells in the prostate, aiming to kill just those cells while maintaining healthy surrounding tissue. This treatment method is remarkable for its shorter duration. Traditional radiotherapy for prostate cancer involved lower doses for longer durations – requiring up to 44 separate sessions. SBRT is done in just five sessions.

SBRT treatment is complicated and requires many medical professionals and body imaging, including an MRI and CT scan to plan and place devices. The patient also has to follow certain dietary restrictions and take measures to prepare for the treatment. “The whole process fell into place spectacularly,” said Scott Wyler, radiation oncology physicist. The team at the Cancer Center is committed to making the procedure the best it can be for each patient going forward.

 About Kingman Regional Medical Center

(KRMC) is a 235-bed multi-campus health care system in Kingman, Arizona that employs over 1,900 employees, 150 volunteers, and 270 physicians/allied health professionals. KRMC is the largest provider of health and wellness services in northwestern Arizona. It is home to an advanced imaging center, cancer center, cardiovascular center, rehabilitation and balance center, wound care center, sleep disorders center, acute rehabilitation specialty hospital, primary and specialty care clinics, hospice home, and beautiful wellness center. KRMC is also a teaching hospital offering residencies in emergency medicine and family medicine and a member of the Mayo Clinic Care Network. The hospital received the Arizona Innovation Award for its efforts to proactively enhance healthcare in a rural community. The hospital’s vision is to provide the region’s best clinical care and patient service through an environment that fosters respect for others and pride in performance.


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