Yocum Suspends Election To Focus On A General Election Win

Published by The Bee News

August 27, 2018

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KINGMAN – Current City Councilman and write-in candidate Stuart Yocum has suspended his campaign for the Primary Election.

According to Kingman City Clerk Sydney Muhle, Yocum emailed the Clerk’s Office with the following statement:

“That with a decent possibility of voter turn-out being fairly low for the primary election, even though the mayor’s race will be decided on Tuesday, in order to retain the ability to be a write-in candidate in Nov., it is our best interest if I withdraw from further consideration from this portion of the cycle so that I can focus being a write-in candidate for the general election.”

Candidates Scott Holtry, Harley Petit, Deana Bice Nelson, Timothy Griepp and Ken Watkins are still eligible as write-ins on Tuesday’s ballot.

Ryan Dooley, already on the primary ballot as a city candidate, suspended his campaign Aug. 14 to take over a Civil Deputy position with the La Paz County Attorney’s Office. His votes will not be counted.

Sueann Mello Keener is the only other candidate for Kingman City Council on the Primary Election ballot.

Votes for Yocum will not be counted during the primary, but he intends to continue to the Nov. 6 General Election.

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