Yolo to Froyo, the history of the coolest creation ever!

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January 28, 2020

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Kingman, AZ – Frozen desserts date back thousands of years to Asia where water ices were first made. Then came Emperor Nero that used exotic frozen juices and wines chilled with snow off the local mountain slopes. It wasn’t until Marco Polo, no not the childhood pool game, that the “Water Ices ” from Asia were introduced to fellow Italians.  For centuries after, frozen ices with fruits and dairy become common place across Europe.  Fast forward to 1848 with the development of the first hand-freezer, making frozen desserts were simpler than ever before. Over the next century low-temperature refrigerators were developed allowing the frozen yogurt industry to flourish into high-volume production. In the late 1970’s after an initial test of the market with using yogurt as the dairy ingredient, the need for a health-conscious dessert sprung. The history of Frozen Yogurt really took place over a thousand years. The yearning for wanting something sweeter, cooler, more fun to eat. Ice Cream, Italian Ice, Milk Shakes, Froyo Cakes.  The evolution of humanity’s tastes that change through-out civilization.  Menchie’s is much of the same.  Danna Caldwell was a woman that happen to visit a local frozen yogurt shop that let you put your own toppings on yourself during her first date with her future husband.  The experience was delightful and it turned out so was her date.  The idea to offer a family friendly, self-serve frozen yogurt store was hatched.  Partnering with Amit Kleinberger in 2007 they opened their first of over 500 worldwide locations.  Kingman Arizona in 2019 was home to it’s first Mohave County Menchie’s. Keep an eye on their journey by following their Facebook page.  Each month you have an opportunity to nominate your “Teacher of Month” that will win a Froyo Cake party.  Nomination forms are available in-store.  Have a Smiley Day!

3535 Stockton Hill Rd
Kingman, Arizona 86409
Open daily 10am to 10pm

https://www.facebook.com/menchieskingmanaz/ | https://www.menchies.com/locations/frozen-yogurt-stockton-hill-az


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