**Beware of Fake Jewelry Fraud Schemes in Kingman Area**

Published by The Bee News

January 26, 2023

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The Kingman Police Department has received reports of a small group of men and women scamming people by selling fake gold jewelry that is presented as real gold. The individuals approach people with a “hard-luck” story, often involving their children, about why they need money. Additionally, these individuals may ask people for gas money or to go to an ATM.

KPD is aware that over the last several months, these individuals have been involved in similar fraudulent schemes in Yavapai County. The vehicle involved is often a nice vehicle occupied by several adults and young children.

KPD would like to encourage citizens and visitors to avoid purchasing “expensive” merchandise or engaging in conversation with suspicious people in parking lots. Be aware that scammers will take advantage of a person’s goodwill and sympathy for the sole purpose of getting money.

“If you see something, say something!” Contact the Kingman Police Department by calling (928) 753-2191.

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