County’s New Fuel Efficient Car Pool Vehicles Provide Long Time Cost Savings

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March 17, 2022

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MOHAVE COUNTY, AZ (March 17, 2022) – Five new fuel efficient 2022 Toyota Camry Hybrids began arriving in Kingman this week to be used as car pool and assigned transportation for Mohave County employees.  Two have already been accepted by the county’s Fleet Services. (PHOTO ATTACHED)  Toyota Camry Hybrid vehicles offer 52 miles per gallon average fuel efficiency (combined city/highway.) The cost for each automobile, including the County’s standard extended warranty purchase of 5 years /100,000 miles, is $32,860.75.  At 12,000 miles driving per year, the savings at $3.50+ gas is over $500 annually compared to a fuel efficient gas-only sedan.

 Public Works Director Steve Latoski says “Consistent with Mohave County’s focus on and delivery of cost-effective, best practice operations, Public Works Fleet Services sees proven benefits in incorporating gas-electric hybrid sedans in the county’s motor pool fleet, both as car pool vehicles for various departments to access, as well as, departments that typically use sedan vehicles.  Through the foresight and planning of Equipment Fleet Manager Randy Janssen over the past year, we have purchased these five Toyota Hybrids.” In regards to cost savings, Latoski adds that “as trade off to the approximate $2,100 additional purchase expense, the hybrid models save over $500 annually in fuel cost when operated over 12,000 miles annually at $3.50 per gallon or higher fuel cost.”

 The remaining three vehicles that haven’t arrived yet, will be assigned to various Departments in the County to rent and utilize, as are the current two now being put to use. The rental cost comes out of each department’s budget.

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