Fraudulent Calls Occurring Representing County Health Department

Published by The Bee News

July 12, 2023

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MOHAVE COUNTY, AZ (July 12, 2023) – Mohave County Department of Public Health (MCDPH) has been notified that residents in the community are receiving calls from someone claiming they are with the county health department and are seeking money requiring private information be released (e.g., social security number). These are fraudulent “phishing calls” and occur with some frequency, seeking to prey upon the more vulnerable of our county’s population. If anyone receives a call from someone in the public stating they received a call from the Public Health Department seeking money/payments, please reassure them that MCDPH is not making these calls and let them know they can call the non-emergency number for their local law enforcement to notify them.
A general best practice for anyone who receives a phone call from a financial, insurance, or governmental office seeking private information and money/payments is to state they will hang up and call the organization directly to handle the matter.
Please call MCDPH at (928) 753-0748 for further information following any suspected fraudulent phone call.

Phishing calls are a type of fraudulent attack in which scammers phone you and attempt to trick you into sharing personal information, sending them money, or giving them remote access to your computer. Scammers will typically call pretending to be a trusted government agency or company. Once the potential victim is on the phone, the scammer will try multiple ways to extract money and personal information.

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