The Evolution of Automobile Door Locks

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July 6, 2023

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At the dawn of the 20th century, cars didn’t have doors. This meant that car owners didn’t have to worry about locking themselves out, but it also meant that there was no security or privacy.

The first American car with doors was the 1904 Oldsmobile Model R. It had two doors that were hinged at the front edge, but there was no locking mechanism. The first cars with locking doors were the Buick Model 10, which was produced from 1908 to 1910, and the Cadillac Model 30, which was produced from 1909 to 1914.

Early automobile door locks were relatively simple. They typically consisted of a latch that could be operated from inside or outside the car. In the 1920s, however, more sophisticated locks were introduced. These locks used a metal key that matched a specific lock cylinder. This made the locks more secure, but it also meant that if the key was lost or stolen, the car owner would need to call a locksmith.

Locksmiths have been around since ancient times, but the invention of the automobile door lock marked the dawn of a new era for the trade. Locksmiths played a role in the innovation and improvement of automobile door locks over the years, and they also developed new techniques and tools to deal with different types of locks and keys.

Today, automobile door locks are more advanced and sophisticated than ever before. They use electronic transponder keys or smart keys that are programmed to the specific car. This makes the locks even more secure, but it also means that locksmiths need to have new skills and equipment to work on them.

If you need help with your automobile door locks, A & G Towing in Bullhead City, Arizona can help. We have a team of experienced locksmiths who are familiar with all types of locks and keys. We can help you with everything from lockouts to broken keys to jammed locks.

Written by Jim Hinckley, Author or Jim Hinckley’s America

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