Today is National Road Trip Day

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May 24, 2024

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Photo of 2022 Kingman Arizona Celebration with the Founder of National Day Calendar

Today, we celebrate National Road Trip Day, a holiday dedicated to the great American tradition of hitting the open road. Falling on the Friday before Memorial Day, National Road Trip Day marks the perfect kickoff to the summer travel season, giving us all an excuse to pack our bags, fill up the tank, and embark on an adventure. Whether you’re paying tribute to fallen heroes by visiting war memorials or simply seeking a change of scenery, a road trip offers something special for everyone.

The Allure of the Great American Road Trip

The concept of the road trip is deeply ingrained in American culture. From classic literature to iconic songs, the road trip symbolizes freedom, exploration, and the spirit of adventure. The U.S. is one of the few places where a road trip is considered a holiday in itself, and there’s a good reason for that. With its vast landscapes, diverse cultures, and historical landmarks, the country offers endless opportunities for discovery.

A Brief History of National Road Trip Day

National Road Trip Day was officially established in 2019 by Pilot Flying J, the largest travel center operator in North America. They chose the Friday before Memorial Day to honor the long weekend ahead, making it the perfect time to start your summer travels. This day celebrates the rich history of road travel in America, which dates back to the early explorers and pioneers.

One of the most notable early road trips was in 1903, when Horatio Nelson Jackson, a physician and automobile pioneer, bet he could travel from San Francisco to New York City in less than 90 days. Accompanied by mechanic Sewall K. Crocker and a dog named Bud, they set off in a 20-horsepower Winston and completed the trip in just 63 days, despite numerous challenges along the way.

The opening of Route 66 in the 1930s further cemented the road trip as a quintessential American experience. This iconic highway opened up cross-country travel, allowing families to migrate west or take vacations on the open road. By the 1950s, with America becoming the world’s largest car manufacturer, road trips became a staple of American life. The 1960s saw hippies turning road trips into a lifestyle, converting vans and buses into homes on wheels.

The Modern Road Trip

While road travel saw a decline in the 1980s and 1990s with the rise of air travel, the road trip has never lost its charm. Today, the Great American Road Trip stands for the freedom and adventure that only the road can bring. It offers a unique way to explore the country, connect with nature, and create unforgettable memories.

Tips for Your Next Road Trip

  1. Plan Your Route: While spontaneity is part of the fun, having a rough plan can help ensure you hit all the must-see spots and avoid unnecessary detours.
  2. Pack Smart: Bring essentials like snacks, water, a first-aid kit, and a map (just in case your GPS fails).
  3. Stay Safe: Make sure your car is in good condition, and don’t forget to take breaks to avoid fatigue.
  4. Explore Off the Beaten Path: Some of the best experiences come from unexpected detours. Don’t be afraid to explore less-traveled roads.
  5. Document Your Journey: Capture the moments with photos and keep a travel journal to remember your adventures.

So, whether you’re planning a weekend getaway or a cross-country expedition, embrace the spirit of the Great American Road Trip this National Road Trip Day. The open road awaits!

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