“90 Day Fiancé” Reality Star Faces Prison Time

Published by The Bee News

July 19, 2018

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KINGMAN—A TLC reality star who was arrested in Mohave County in February faces up to two-and-a-half years in prison for transporting nearly 300 pounds of marijuana in the trunk of his vehicle.

Court documents show 28-year-old Jorge Nava accepted a stipulated felony plea deal on one count of attempted transportation of marijuana for sale, a class four felony.

Nava will face up to two-and-a-half years in prison, as well as pay a $10,928.96 fine. Documents also state Nava must serve at least 85 percent of his prison term before being released. As for the remaining sentencing, Nava will be placed on supervised probation until his sentence has been completed.

Nava’s attorney, Bradlee Rideout, noted in the documents he believed the plea deal and disposition set forth herein were appropriate under the facts of the case.

However, the proposed plea deal can be modified, and or rejected, at the judges discretion during the September 7 sentencing hearing.

The Bee was first to break the news when Nava was pulled over on February 7, 2018 by an Arizona Department of Transportation trooper on Interstate 40 near milepost 19.

A search of his vehicle by DPS K-9 uncovered 293 pounds of high-grade marijuana.

Nava was taken into custody on suspicion of possession of marijuana, possession of marijuana for sale, transportation of marijuana and drug paraphernalia.

Nava was featured on a season of TLC’s “90 Day Fiancé” where he reportedly stated his occupation was a marijuana salesman in California.

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    • You care enough to leave a message. If you don’t care don’t leave one. Everybody makes mistakes I know I’ve made plenty of my own. Hopefully this is not his child and since this could be his first offense so go somewhat easy on him since marijuana is legal in California.

      • He wasn’t in Cali

  1. I thought he lived in California???
    Anfisa will definitely divorce him now because he won’t have any money

  2. Stupid over marijuana again.Doent he supply to dispensaries.Anfisa will be gone for sure

  3. It was for personal use. ?

  4. Thats a great way for him to get away from is 10 year old and Anfisa?

  5. I don’t feel Jorge should go to jail after all he only had pot not like a big old batch of cocaine I hope he gets a suspended sentence instead. Pot is mostly legal now anyway

    • It’s not legal in AZ, apparently, or 300 lbs is frowned on, one or the other. It’s not like he had a few joints-he had 300 LBS. Plus, I’m sure he knew he was t supposed to be bringing it where he was bringing it. I think even where it’s legal you can’t have 300 lbs. So while it’s “just” weed, he still broke the law. 2 1/2 years-dang.

    • The federal government also has legalized marijuana.

      • Uh no they haven’t , where have you been ?

  6. Well that’s too bad I know it’s legal in California but I know you have to follow the rules to be able to sell it. I think he was trying to make his wife happy she tend to like nice things. He felt that was the only way to make her happy is to buy her high end things. I wonder if he has any kind of records from previous issues?

  7. Justice must be served. The girl from Moscow can now find a “real” man to be hers , one that doesn’t lie every time he opens his mouth. Anfisa you are free of that dirtbag!

  8. So what does this mean for his wife? Does that mean she wont be able to stay in the United States? That is so ridiculous for him to go and do. He has a beautiful wife and all he does is lie to her on a regular basis and keep making stupid decisions and is causing so much pain, trouble and anxiety for his wife and family. Get a life Jorge.

  9. Anfisa just go home. We’re as sick of you as you are of us.

  10. How can you be dumb, desperate and stupip

  11. Why would he get arrested if he has a weed shop. Also is Marijuana legal in Arizona?.sheesh it’s just weed..

  12. I guess ppl do desperate things when u marry a wife that’s nothing but a gold digger looking for a green card ? This is sad actually..

  13. George needed money to please his selfish wife.
    She came her thinking that George was a millionaire.
    George seemed to be a nice guy that did something foolish because he loves Anfisa. I feel bad for George.

  14. He can’t lie hes way out of this mess.so very ignorant..He LEGALLY was in the CANNABIS INDUSTRY so why such a THIRSTY MOVE? TOTALLY RIDICULOUS! But by the way U he handles his personal life,it’s not surprisingly that his business ethics aren’t up to par either..There’s only 2 people in buisness in my opinion, Ur either an ASSHOLE or an ASSET. GEORGE UR CLEARLY AN ASSHOLE..U HEARD IT HERE FIRST AMERICA! Did I mention, Ur,a MAJOR DISAPPOINTMENT 2 the CANNABIS INDUSTRY as well.. U make CANNABIS and the ENTIRE 420 COMMUNITY HEALTH CARE SYSTEM LOOK BAD YOUNGSTER..LISTEN 2 A TRUE O.G…GET OUT THE BUSINESS! UR DONE…

    • well said!I think he ,well allof them are gettn what they deserve.SOOOO desperate,grow a backbone.That boy aint making any money selling weed,im sure it all went to renting that hunk of shit.GET A JOB,ALL OF YOU!!!

  15. Just cause he’s now on TV he’s getting a sweet deal? What a joke the prosecutor is. I bet anything that if he wasn’t on TV he would of been sentence to alot more and deservedly so.

  16. Hes so stupid has q child a nb d a w8fe akways a liar anfisa needs to divorce him go back to moscow

  17. Yes he admitted what does for a living on the show That’s a good way to get rid of that gold diggin anfisa. She got played….BAHAHAHAHAHA

  18. Bahahaha
    JORGE has lied the entire show.
    Anfisa was correct; she needs to find someone else.

  19. The guys a friggin tool with a nasty skank of a wife

  20. This is so wrong. If he was a big wig this wouldn’t be an issue, but appatently only (established) crooks can be crooks. Anyways, this is definitely only half justice seeing that many places its already legalized (thanks to big pharma$) and big pharma has no issues selling it. But really, why is marijuana illegal today, when there are so many other things to worry about like synthetic heroine these goons are selling out of doctors offices.. Why is it illegal while we have so many other things backwards as far as progression and rights… Where are our priorities? Women are killing their children left and right likes its a basic dental procedure. . so easy.. But hey..marijuana is the devil guys!.ooga ooga booga! Fuck we are retarded…

  21. George you better get back with the therapist, you will be lucky if that Beautiful wife stays with you after this prison charge. I wish you all the luck, get streight, you have a lot to lose.

  22. I wonder how his wife Anfisa is responding to this situation.

    Jorge needs to find a new occupation if he wants to keep his marriage.

  23. He needs to go to jail just like anyone else and his wife needs to go on her own he’s a liar and a thief

  24. What a complete loser. The man wouldn’t know truth if he fell over it. Hopefully he takes prison like a man and hopefully his wife moves on

  25. Memo to Jorge, Do the crime, spend the time . Now without Jorge and sisters constantly lying to mess her up, Anfisa can get on with her life .
    I am proud to have you as an American citizen, Anfisa.

  26. Lmao hope he does jail time.

  27. I think ?Jorge is a good looking guy but he got himself in a big mess with DRUGS and the LAW I wish him a happy life with ANAFISA !!!!!!!!

  28. Does the Kingman police dept or court know jorge (andrew) Nava is out of the country vacationing in mexico? Does he have permission to leave the country? Please look into this

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