FMIT Fighting Laughlin River Regatta Permitting

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June 14, 2018

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LAUGHLIN–The battle for regatta continues, but this time between the Fort Mojave Indian Tribe and Marnell Gaming.

In a statement released by Marnell Gaming on Wednesday, it references the permitting by the United State Coast Guard, along with opposition by the Fort Mojave Indian Tribe and owner of the Avi Hotel and Casino.

“We are well on track to receive our United States Coast Guard Marine Event permit for the 2018 Regatta,” the letter stated. “However, the Fort Mojave Indian Tribe and owner of the Avi Hotel and Casino has been in strong opposition to the event and has continued to do so as of today. We have received a preliminary finding that the Regatta has no adverse effect on property from the Coast Guard, but the tribe has filed an appeal to try and stop the event, claiming that that Regatta will affect culturally important sites to the tribe that are not anywhere close to the location of the actual float. We are confident we will receive the Marine Event permit and we are dedicated to hosting a safe, fun and clean Regatta event as we continue to work with the Coast Guard through this permitting and event process.”

A final decision is expected shortly from the USCG.

If the permit does not get approved, Marnell Gaming has stated they stand behind their commitment to refund all ticket sales.

“We thank all of those patrons who have supported us and purchased tickets to this point. The event sales are pacing well above 2016 levels and remember there is a limit of 22,000 patrons that can attend the 2018 Regatta.”

The 2018 Laughlin River Regatta is slated for August 11, with launch sites between Davis Camp and Community Park.

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  1. The Regatta equals a giant giant toilet for the residents of Southern California in addition it contributes tons and tons of trash to the river and the area down with the Regatta the residence of Laughlin and Bullhead can’t even use the river after the Regatta in August because it’s so damn polluted but never mind that it’s all about money

  2. The tribe reasonably wants an environmental impact study done. Let’s start there. We should care what studies have to say about the pollution down river. This isn’t a tribal issue. It is an environmental one. The tribe is our last chance to be heard. The problem of trash and pollution down river is real.

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