Governor Ducey Statement On The Conclusion Of The 2022 Arizona Legislature

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June 26, 2022

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Governor Doug Ducey today released the following statement on the conclusion of the 2022 Arizona Legislature:

“Over the last eight years, I’ve worked hand-in-hand with the good women and men of the Arizona Legislature to tackle the challenges facing our state, and pass policies to position Arizona as the land of opportunity. I am so grateful for their partnership.

“The policies we put in place over the past eight years made this success possible — policies that promoted economic growth, cut taxes, reduced regulations and made targeted investments to build a stronger, more resilient Arizona.

“Today, with the conclusion of the second session of the 55th Arizona Legislature, we are reaffirming our commitment to those policies and sending a clear message about our state’s future: we’re ready, and we’re unstoppable.

“This year’s legislative session is sure to be one to remember  — and not only because of the historic bipartisan budget agreement. We took record revenues and invested in priorities that directly impact the lives of our fellow Arizonans: education, public safety, border security, health care, roadways paying off our debts, and saving for the future.

“This session we truly delivered. We invested in Arizona’s future, accelerating the expansion of Interstate 10. We enacted the most expansive school choice legislation in the nation. We cut red tape so critical health care workers can do their jobs unimpeded. We strengthened election integrity. We protected victims’ rights. We cracked down on crimes committed at the border. We kept our promises.

“I’m very grateful to Senate President Karen Fann and House Speaker Rusty Bowers for their unyielding partnership and leadership this session, as well as their dedication to public service. I’m also grateful to each and every member of the Arizona Legislature for their commitment to our state. I am thankful for their work.”

Here are some of the highlights of Governor Ducey’s final legislative session:



  • In April, the governor signed legislation that reduces Class 1 commercial property taxes from 16 percent to 15 percent in 2027. The property tax reduction will bring meaningful tax relief to Arizona’s small businesses.
  • Legislation signed in March repeals numerous statutory committees and programs, ridding businesses and Arizonans of burdensome regulations.


  • In May, the governor delivered on a State of the State promise to widen a critical portion of Interstate 10. The segment between Chandler and Casa Grande is the last remaining stretch of highway between Arizona’s two largest cities that has only two lanes.



  • In March, the governor signed legislation extending until January 1, 2023 the temporary professional licenses of more than 2,000 critical health care workers.
  • In March, the governor signed legislation to protect underage children from irreversible surgeries and affirm Arizona’s commitment to protecting the lives of preborn children.
  • In April, the governor signed legislation to ensure victims of a sexual crime are not charged for any part of the medical or forensic examination related to the crime, fulfilling a priority outlined in his January State of the State Address.
  • In April, the governor signed two bills aimed at strengthening protections for Arizona crime victims. One requires the Arizona Department of Public Safety to collect information about criminal offenses that reveal any evidence of prejudice based on antisemitism. The other increases the duration of an order of protection, allowing victims of a crime additional time to take measures for safety.
  • In May, the governor signed legislation to ensure patients and their doctors have access to innovative testing that can help determine the most effective medical treatment for cancer and other diseases.


  • Legislation signed in March allows adoptive families to invite guests to accompany them at adoption hearings and share in the joy of adopting a child. Previously, only those with direct interest in the case could attend hearings.



In March, the governor signed legislation to ensure seamless education opportunities for active military and create scholarships for veterans’ family members.

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