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June 26, 2022

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Yep, they did it again, just the other day, another act of Wanton, hate-filled, intolerant, violence against
Thunder Rode all because of a sign that says “Kung Flu Commie Virus Scamdemic Masks” that has
been out in front of the Thunder-Rode shop since the beginning of the so-called Covid scare.

Yep they stole that sign. It was a big sign, a big plywood and wood frame A-frame sign that would not fit in the
trunk of a car or in the backseat. It would take a truck to haul that bad boy away and they did it. The haters did
it again.

The Route 66 Shield at the back entrance to Thunder-Rode, the Marilyn Monroe painting on the side of Mr.
D’z, the Car 54 in the Mr. D’z parking lot and several other spots around town were splattered with gray paint.
When are these intolerant, hate-filled muckraking hate mongers that are out there in our little Kingman town
going to be stopped? They are just looking for something that they don’t agree with, that offends them and
then they will tear down, destroy or flat-out steal what it is they don’t like – what it is that they find

If anyone knows who pulled off this ‘heist’ or the vandalism against Thunder-Rode, Mr. D’z or any other
Kingman business, please let Jack at Thunder-Rode know. 928-542-6059.

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