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August 17, 2022

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Santana Chavez – Otherwise known as Santana Block. A young Chicano entrepreneur and business owner. Owner of Bully Street Blends, in Downtown Kingman, Az.

As the city of Kingman, AZ, starts the back to school events. On July 16th Bully Street barbers presented an all out benefit for hair cuts. That’s the power of the spirit. The power of the spirit giving back to the people.

Kingman, an old school town and the heart of route 66. Where the Hualapai Indian people roamed freely at one time back in history. A town that was an all caucasian town and as time moved forward became one of the fastest growing small towns in Arizona.

Today,  Kingman has a diverse minority rate, amongst the population that inhabits the beautiful mountain range of Mohave county. Boarding the state lines of Nevada and California. Along the interstate I- 40 and junction 93 to Las Vegas.

Chavez, age 26  has been rapping for 3 years. He has performed in Arizona’s hip hop festival in the metropolitan Phoenix area. Chavez has earned his spot amongst the other up and coming hip hop artists in arizona. He is one artist to be seen and heard in the years to come.

As a Barber, Santana Chavez is one of the talented barbers in his field. Skilled in various cuts. His work peers that lease the chairs at his establishment are talented and skilled as well. Keep in mind that the artwork in his Barber shop was done by his father Salomon Chavez.

Short Interview with Mr Chavez-

How long have you been a Barber?

“Been a barber officially since January of 2015”.

What is your favorite cut?

“My favorite haircut is a gentleman’s cut with a high skin fade and a hard part. I think it’s just a clean, timeless haircut”.

What would you say to someone, to inspire a person with dreams and goals?

“To inspire someone I would say to chase whatever goals and dreams that they have, big or small. I think we all have a purpose and to reach those goals is really self fulfilling. We have one life to live and we have to make the most of it. All goals require hard work and discipline, and at the end of the day, I think we just have to do what makes us happy”.

What are your thoughts on fatherhood?

“My thoughts on fatherhood, it’s the best hood lol. To teach someone right from wrong, to teach someone all of the things that you love and care about, to teach someone how beautiful life is, and to let them be themselves and grow into their selves is a great feeling. I think there aren’t words to express the feeling. It’s an amazing thing, and I think that having kids, in itself is one of the meanings of life. I can go on and on, but it’s a dope experience for sure”.

Running a Barber shop in downtown Kingman is a gift. It’s a beautiful  place filled with breweries and upscale dining. A place on the first of the month features entertainment and dancing. The barbershop is busy all day, on most days. With the clients and staff enjoying the rap music being played. Interacting with conversations in all directions. If you are ever traveling through Kingman, Az and need a clean fade, I recommend Bully street blends.

Santana Chavez- As an artist Chavez possesses the skill of tagging. An art skill that a long time ago during the break dance era was seen on the train cars. Today, tag art is making its way back to society with positive impacts.

“A young man’s journey on his way to becoming a young man, a father and a positive role model for the city he resides in. In today’s world there are not enough good people out there.”.

At the Barber shop, the job is to focus on the client’s cut. Fading trimming and line up. That’s the routine of the Barber. Then brush off, undo the apron, and sweep up the access hair. Next, is repeated as the day goes forward.

We here at Rezconnect Entertainment know Santana Chavez, personally and give him that promotion he deserves. As a young father, a friend and a great person. He is one artist to be seen and heard in the years to come.

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