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August 1, 2022

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About 6:30pm Sunday (7/31) evening, the Mohave County Sheriff’s Office began to receive multiple calls for help of people who had driven their vehicles into flooded roadways throughout the Golden Valley and north Kingman areas. Deputies, Golden Valley Fire and Search and Rescue began responding to these locations as they were reported. The calls included the following:
– a Jeep with two people that had entered into one to two feet deep waters near Chino Road and Bosque Road in Golden Valley (they were rescued by Golden Valley Fire)
-an SUV that was floating upside down in a wash with unknown occupants near Chino Road and Bosque Road in Golden Valley (single occupant self-rescued)
– a sedan with four people that had become stuck attempting to cross flowing waters, with water rushing around them on Chino Road near McNeal Road in Golden Valley (rescued and assisted to safety by Search and Rescue and Deputies)
– a truck that had entered a flooded roadway and became stranded on Shinarump near Agate Road in Golden Valley (he self-rescued once the waters receded – and this was the same location as the rescue that happened last week with the lady holding onto a sign)
-an SUV with a family of four who were fleeing their flooded homestead north of Kingman near Kaibito Blvd and ended up surrounded by water. The area was so immersed in water, that search teams had to walk about 3 miles to make contact with them. They were walked out and brought to town.
As search teams were responding to these different locations, there were several other vehicles that were observed that had also succumbed to the waterways. Flooded roadways are very dangerous – and those who survive them are very lucky. The risk involved when entering a flooded roadway is not worth losing your life, the life of your family members or friends or any of the first responders that attempt to help. When you encounter water on a roadway, please “Turn Around – Don’t Drown”!
Thank you to Mohave County Sheriff’s Office Search and Rescue

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