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Drought & Dust

Summer is officially here. And scientists are sounding a clarion alarm about a drought of historic proportions. Here in the Colorado River Valley the warnings have an air of unreality. After all the beautiful blue Colorado River with reflections of Laughlin casinos is...

Excessive Heat Warning: Extension of Activation of Cooling Stations

 Extension of Activation of Cooling Stations August 20th-21st Due to an excessive heat warning administered by the National Weather Service, our Southern Nevada community is providing day shelter and extending the activation of a limited number of cooling stations...

Some serious winds incoming

Winds will become gusty by Friday afternoon, especially across the eastern Mojave Desert. Gusts will peak around 30-40 mph, increasing choppiness on Lake Mohave and Lake Mead and elevating fire weather conditions. Avoid open-range shooting over dry grasses and...

A History of Staying Warm

For centuries keeping the chill of winter at bay was accomplished by stacking wood, and by rubbing two sticks together or using a flint, starting a fire. The shortcomings were evident regardless of whether the fire was in a cave or fireplace; one side baked while the...