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October 21, 2019

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Consumer attention has shifted to that little pesky phone in your pocket, or more likely right now in your hand.  The news is happening all the time, and in real-time from sources such as websites and social media.  Breaking news is being reported not only by official sources but by friends and families, or folks simply passing by something they deem newsworthy.  As attention changes so does advertiser’s focus.  They need to be in front of the attention of the end user.  The Bee has been in this new medium for over 3 years now.  We’ve learned that to be the first to report, and reporting to the largest audience, brings more and more attention like a snowball growing as it rolls down a hill.  Check out the latest report on changes in news media outlets reported by local Golden Valley resident Butch Meriwether.

by The Bee

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KINGMAN – The Kingman Daily Miner, that has been published since 1882, will be changing its name to The Kingman Miner on Nov. 20, 2019.

According to Miner officials, the print edition will be delivered only on Sundays, Wednesdays and Fridays instead of the six-day distribution cycle they previously had.

The printed edition subscriber rates will decrease from $10.99 every four weeks to $8.80 and will allow printed subscribers full access, at no additional charge, to the Miner’s online version at

Their online version at will be a 24-hour news cycle, seven days per week, with up-to-date news content.

More newspapers are now drifting toward digital online versions because more people are now accessing news media outlets online via the worldwide

For further information at the changes occurring with The Kingman Miner and both the printed edition and online edition rates, visit the Miner at 3015 Stockton Hill Road or give them a call at (928) 753-6397.

By Butch Meriwether

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